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What is the cuban peso?
The cuban peso is the official currency in the country and it is the currency used to pay salaries and pensions. it is almost exclusively for cubans to buy local product. You can use it in the "Agro" market where you can find vegetables, fruit etc. and to use some local transportations. Anyway it is rare for a tourist use this currency.
What is the "peso convertible?
This is the tourist currency in Cuba. The change with euro is almost 1 to 1. With this money you can buy and pay in every hotel o restaurant, discoteck or other kind of services until international flight. It is your official currency. We suggest not to come in Cuba with U.S. dollars because the i an additional charge of 10% in the change with convertible peso. Better euro or other international currency.
Peso cubano and peso convertible are the same?
No, absolutely. And they have a change approximately of:
24 peso cubano = 1 peso convertible.
Don't' make mistakes!!!

Where can i change?
You can change international currency with peso convertible in all banks. if you want to change in peso cubano you have to go to the "Cadeca", change office that you can find in every city or town. In the City you can find also ATM to withdrawl cash in Convertible Pesos with your credit card and Pin.

Credit cards are accepted?
Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted without problem. In Cuba they don't accept all American credit cards like American Express or Diner. They didn't accept debit cards like Cirrus Maestro or similar.
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