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Hotel Grand Memories Varadero

Hotel Grand Memories Varadero

All Inclusive
Varadero - Matanzas

Grand Memories Varadero is a re... see more

57 $ from
Havana and Varadero 5 stars

Combine Havana and Varadero 5 stars

Enjoy the beauty of Havana in 3 unforgettable nights, stroll through the city and visit the famous tobacco plantations. Relax in the wonderful beac... see more

856 $ from
Valle de Viñales

Excursion Valle de Viñales

Departure from: Havana

Book and Buy this marvelous excursion with Travelnetcuba!! Pick up at the hotel and departure towards Pinar del Río; Visit a tobacco... see more

79 $ from
14 Days Private Tour with Driver and Cayo Largo

Tour 14 Days Private Tour with Driver and Cayo Largo

14 Days to Discover Cuba with private driver visiting all the major cities in the North Center of the Island through unspoilt scenery and glimpses ... see more

1188 $ from

Flight GT2201-2

Airline: Aerogaviota

From: Havana

To: Cayo Largo del Sur

Departure: All days ...see more

227 $ from
Mercedes Benz B 180

Car Mercedes Benz B 180

Pax 4

Doors 4

Fuel Special gasoline

Engine 2000 cm3

105 $ from
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Video Travelnet Cuba

Patrizia Fumenti


siamo stati a Cuba per 15 gg ad agosto , ci hanno organizzato un tour molto curato in tutti i det... see more

Vale Vb Vb


Siamo stati a Cuba con un bellissimo tour organizzato ad hoc per 1 settimana. Ci siamo trovati be... see more

Fabiano Zaghi


Lascio tutte le recensioni di ogni servizio e suggerisco vivamente di appoggiarsi a questo fantas... see more

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What Travelnet Cuba offers you?
Your trip to Cuba will be an unforgettable experience because Cuba is as unique as you are! Visit Havana, Varadero, Trinidad and Santa Clara or the Cayos (islands) of Cuba: Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Largo, Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo. Book your vacation in Cuba with Travelnet Cuba!!
Book the best hotels in Cuba. We have over 250 hotels in Cuba in various destinations. Colonial hotels in Havana, all-inclusive hotels in Cayo Largo and all beach destinations. Hotel for family or Hotel for adults only in Cuba. Choose your Hotel in Cuba and book your trip or tour in Cuba!!
We also offer private houses, the famous "Casa Particular", Colonial-style houses that will make you relive the splendor of the 1950s Cuba although in the decline of the buildings around. Book your casa particular in Old Havana and live the Cuban life.
Choose one of our Cuba Tours among the many we offer. Private and collective tours that touch all the interesting towns: Vinales, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Camaguey, Baracoa and Santiago de Cuba. Book now the Tour of your dream in Cuba!!!
Otherwise combine City and beach in Cuba: Havana and Cayo Largo, Havana and Cayo Santa Maria, Havana and Cayo Coco and add on the spot the best excursions for every destination in Cuba. Come and visit Cuba in every aspect from history, to nature or culture. Book with Travelnet City+Beach in Cuba!
Do not miss the the best excursions in Cuba that leave every day for the most interesting and beautiful places on the island. Visit Cuba in every aspect ! It is still savage and preserved and you will live the Cuban dream!! Buy it now with Travelnet Cuba, don’t wait!!
Why choose Travelnet Cuba?
And you will surely wonder: why choose Travelnet Cuba and not some big companies with automatic site that not even know Cuba and you couldn’t ever contact? Here is the answer:
Because we are the experts of our island, Cuba, and we can advise you in the best way.
Because we will welcome you from arrival to make you feel at home.
Because we have a mobile phone at your disposal for emergencies and we are active 24 hours a day.
because we do our work with passion, trying to give you the best of this country with so many contradictions where, however, it has remained a soul and you will realize it by visiting the country.
because traveling with us will always keep you cool and secure because you could count on us in the island.
Because in the end here we are really here, we live here... right here in Havana where we have our offices: Lorenzo, Eduardo, Lester, Raysa, Myri, Giuseppe y Anice. That's why choosing us is the best thing. See you!!! We are waiting for you in Cuba!!!
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